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From Punta Cana
  • $
  • 99
  • USD
From Punta Cana
  • $
  • 99
  • USD
Adult Price: (Age 13+)
Children Price: (Age 2 to 12)


Come and enjoy a Funtastic dolphin experience in Punta Cana

You don’t need to be an expert swimmer to participate

You will be greeted with a dolphin “pec shake” and it will not take long before you will be able to experience the magic of a dolphin kiss

Fun is the name of the game; however, you will be able to learn facts about dolphin anatomy as well as useful tips on conservation. Come and enjoy this beautiful experience while you are traveling in Punta Cana, you won’t regret it!


This program includes 40 minutes water time with the dolphins.

This program is designed for up to 20 people per group.

There will be one dolphin per group.

Age requirement: Minimum 1 year old. (Every child less than 8 must be accompanied by an adult).

This program is designed for any level of swimmer’s ability, from beginners to experts.

Pregnancy conditions are allowed up to 6 months.


Arrive 30 minutes before your program.

If you have any health condition or physical disability please contact our call center before you make your reservation.

Remember to use biodegradable sunscreen to protect your skin, the environment and marine species.


7 days a week.

* Schedules subject to availability.


Adults and children must to know how to swim.

Minimum Height: 1 mts.

More Dolphin Tours

$ 99


Are you ready for an adventure with dolphins in Punta Cana?

Prepare yourself to hold hands with the dolphin, and then it will take you for a journey that was once every kid’s dream.
Learn how to cue and watch as the dolphin leaps right over you.

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$ 99


Immerse yourself in the amazing experience of swimming with dolphins while you are having your holidays in Punta Cana

Immerse yourself in the aquatic world of dolphins, and do it in style. Live the adrenaline filled experience that up to now was reserved only for the trainers, live “Excellence”.

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$ 259


Are you an adventure seeker? Come and have the best experience of your holidays in Punta Cana

Turn yourself into an EXTREME EXPLORER by taking part in 3 amazing adventures in Punta Cana.
You will swim with dolphins, play with our cute fur seals, and snorkel in our huge facilities with our sharks and sting rays.

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$ 25

A Wild Life Park

Explore the world of these amazing creatures

All humans are born with an extraordinary impulse for exploration that, without doubt, has made possible the most important discoveries of our continuing evolution.

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$ 45

Fur Seals

Enjoy a unique experience that puts you up close and personal with our charismatic fur seals and have the most beautiful experience of your holidays in Punta Cana

Cuddle up close for a memory to last a lifetime. Experience their speed and agility as a miniature rocket leaps over your head. And along with all of the jumps and cuddles there is still time to learn interesting facts about these special little marine mammals.

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$ 45

Sharks & Rays

This exciting Sharks and Rays encounter offers you the opportunity to feel, touch and snorkel with these incredible marine animals

This emotional encounter offers the opportunity to go snorkeling with our sharks and rays. Feel the excitement as you place your hands on the living body of a shark. Hold a ray on your outstretched palms.

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$ 119

Sea Explorer

An amazing and safe underwater adventure

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to enjoy the company of a Dolphin in their underwater world? Relax in a comfortable customized dive helmet, breathing freely, as you enjoy fun games with our marvelous friends. On this program you also enjoy 20 minutes of surface interaction with these amazing mammals, and adventure difficult to forget, and for Dominican Republic available only at Dolphin Explorer.

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$ 52

Explorer Cruiser

Come and jump on board with us, discover the beauties of Cabeza de Toro Natural Reserve, feel the emotion as you swim and snorkel with our Sharks and Rays

Feel the emotion as you swim and snorkel with our Sharks and Rays. Meet and swim with our cute Fur Seals.

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