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Saona Island Tour

Saona Island is the epitome of the Caribbean paradise, and it is for this reason that a boat trip to its sun-kissed shores is one of the Dominican Republic’s most popular excursion. Golden sand and crystal blue water framed with coconut palm trees stretches for miles, providing a perfect paradise to enjoy a day of sun, sea and Dominican rum. On a typical excursion, visitors will enjoy time relaxing on the beach, as well as a typical BBQ lunch.

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Luxury Helicopter Saona Island Tour

Located 19 kilometers (12 miles) south of the mainland, Saona Island’s picture-perfect beaches attract more visitors than all of the country’s national parks combined. A protected site spanning 110km2 (42-square mile) and part of Cotubanamá National Park.

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Prepare yourself to hold hands with the dolphin, and then it will take you for a journey that was once every kid’s dream.
Learn how to cue and watch as the dolphin leaps right over you.

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Buggie Adventure

Welcome, a great adventure awaits you, our Rancho Buggie Adventure, starting point, is located in the rural area of the Benerito village, before starting the day, we will provide training on how to operate the buggie, information on safety and tour of the tour to our customers.

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